We develop partnerships in our industry by showcasing your products on our Health & Wellness media platform.

Show trucks and trailers bring the audience to our site.They have unlimited pulling power which is why we have worked with some of them to build one of the most successful Health & Wellness platforms in the  transportation industry today.

Let’s “Build” a partnership

Your company needs to inform drivers about your new products. We need to teach them about our Health & Wellness programs. We  accomplish both missions with our working media partnership.

Let’s “Develop” your program

90% of the products in the transporatition industry can have a message about health. Do you know what your health message can be? We can help you develop one to help you increase your exposure to drivers 100% 

Let’s increase your “SALES”?

Todays audience has a 60 second or less attention span and a cell phone. We use our Health & Wellness informational platform APP to keep drivers engaged about their health using your product information.

Use a “Face to Face” program.

Magazines use eyeballs to paper media but they do not have a call to action button like our Health informational questioner does. We have a 87% return on our mobile APP because of the questions we ask about their health.   

This is what we do and we have done it for over 20 years.

As seen above and below, our Health & Wellness platform partners with different organizations to get our programs out to the drivers. 
When they come to see us, they also get to see you.
It’s that easy.

    Petro had a 37% increase in sales the 3 days we were there.

    We can develop programs for your company using our Health & Wellness platform. Above we use race cars and show cased company products to the drivers.
                          We display what drivers want to see.

               Over 150,000 drivers sign up for our programs yearly.

Having a great time talking to companies about our programs. It was great having ATA sponsor this event for our table.

This 53 ‘trailer had over 30 million viewers and show case one of our programs that kept drivers coming back to win prizes that were hidden inside this mural.

“Out of the Box” thinking was show cased last year with this LEPERCHAUN. This year we asked drivers and companies if they remembered him. O-Ya was the answer. This is why we have been out her for over 20 years.

We get to the drivers with 2 programs. 1  with the truck company  2 with our over the road tour.

Helping to develop programs for drivers.

One driver at a time !

Barry L. Pawelek
Program Director

Barry has developed Health & Wellness programs for over 20 years. He has developed programs like
Walk A Mile America
Truck Drivers Health
Find It If You Can

Face Book

Carolyn O’Byne
Prublisher &
Personal Health Coach

Carolyn is the owner of “Be Your Own Driver” a successful Health & Wellness program in Alanta, Ga. Her books and CD’s are avalible on Amazon and her web site.

Face Book

Melanie Shiell

Her program will be ready in 30 days. It is something special.

We helped them with their programs and now they can help others.

These Drivers will now help others!
They now will pass their programs on!

We’ve been there! We will show case six men and women on our program to see how they deal with some of their personnel issues. We will share their successs and struggles with many of their health aspects like depression, weight loss and financial difficulites.Over the next few months we will follow them on real life experiences as they do what they do best “DRIVE” and how they deal with these difficulities as Over the Road drivers.You can follow them now on our new U-Tube channel.

Patrick Kane

Pat is one of the first men on our program. I met Pat when he was just over 500 lbs. As of this month He is just short of 400.
He’s been there.

Learn more

Gil Lowes

His Story.

Learn more

Rebecca Washington

I got to meet Rebecca at the Mid-American truck show this year and her story will help many women start their Health & Wellness program,
She’s been there!

Learn more

Kevin C Lewis

His Story

Learn more

How can this program help you?

 This program will follow 6 men and women for the next 12 months. They will use our Truck Drivers Health’s U-Tube channel to spread the story on how they are becoming healthy on a weekly basis. You can now sponsor one of these drivers for the year on our channel. We have an estimated audience of over 150,000 weekly viewers.

They now use Face book

Their program and how they are doing this week are covered on a weekly story board on facebook. They all have followers and those followers come to our Truck Drivers Health program to find out how they are doing.

They will use Twitter

Will give quick up dates & pictures of how the drivers are doing with quick videos. 

    Covered on U-Tube 

All their programs on nutrition, exercise and meditation are on the Truck Drivers Health channel with an expected audience of over 150,000 .

Sponsoring a driver with your company icon is now possible.

Health has been in the news for the last few years and now these drivers stories can help hundreds of others. You can now help spread the word by sponsoring on of the drivers.

Get in Touch

Our programs are centered around Truck Drivers Health. If you need us to help with a program or just need advice on the one your using just give us a call.

We’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions please call or e-mail us.

Contact info

8028 CS 2580
Hinton, Oklahoma




All of these programs are free to use.

The VA Move Program

VA Move Program starts here

Here we have some great videos put together by the VA Move program. They are all FREE. Take a look at some of them and pick one out, give us a E-Mail and we will help you set up your new life program. 

All these programs are free to use


Here we have videos that are the first steps into a new Healthy living program. Take a look at both sides and see which one you like. E-Mail us and we will help set your program up for free.

Start your program here!

Were succussful with our programs because of the great sponsors listed below

Nothing can be done alone.
It takes a little help from some friends.
All these links are active


We develop content that helps promote Health & Wellness in the transportation industry

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